Doxycycline 100 Mg

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Doxycycline 100 Mg

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to E. Pieszczek, hydrogen dioxide is preferable to oxalic acid as a reduc- Doxycycline 100 Mg ing agent in the method of examination directed by the G. P. IV. He finds that in the presence of nitric acid, lead peroxide and hydrogen dioxide are mutually decomposed with formation of lead oxide, water and oxygen in molecular proportions, the latter being eliminated with effer- vescence, while the yellowish lead oxide dissolves in the acid with produc- tion of a colorless solution. Pharm. Ztg., Hi (1907), No. 88, 922. Minium Examination, Dr. J. F. Sacher, although conceding that the method of examination of minium proposed by Pieszczek yields satisfac- tory results, suggests (in Chem. Ztg., 1908, No. 6), that after treatment with nitric acid Doxycycline 100 Mg the acid be completely evaporated, so that any lead pres- ent as sulphate may not be retained in solution and dius escape detection ; and, furthermore, that formaldhyde be employed in place of the hydro- gen dioxide recommended for the reduction of the lead peroxide. In a rejoinder, Pieszczek observes that the presence of lead sulphate in minium is a remote contingency, and may well be neglected, the more particularly since the complete evaporation of the nitric acid gives rise to copious and inconvenient vapors in the laboratory. With regard to formaldehyde as a reducing agent this, it is true, promptly effects the reduction of lead peroxide ; but the reaction is so violent atid stormy, almost explosive, that it becomes difficult to avoid loss and consequent vitiation Doxycycline 100 Mg of quantitative experiment. On the other hand, the reduction with hydrogen dioxide takes place smoothly, without the contingency of loss, and conforms to all practical requirements. Pharm. Ztg., liii (1908), No. 9, 87. Digitized by Google LIGHT BISMUTH SUBNTTRATE. 289 THORIUM. Thorium Fluoride Doxycycline 100 Mg {ThF^) and Thorium Oxy fluoride (ThOF^) Prepa- ration and Properties. Ed. Chauvenet's experiments have determined that when thorium nitrate is precipitated with silver fluoride a gelatinous precipitate of the hydrated fluoride is obtained. It retains four molecules of water when dried to constant weight in a vacuum. When heated to 800 C. in a current of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, a white oxyfluoride, ThOFj, is obtained. The same compound can be prepared by decom- posing in a slow current of hydrogen the fluosilicate of thorium obtained by precipitating a solution of thorium nitrate with hydrofluosilicic acid. Doxycycline 100 Mg Gaseous hydrofluoric acid reacts on the anhydrous bromide or iodide of thorium, giving the pure fluoride, ThF*. Thus prepared the fluoride is amorphous, and is not attacked by sulphuric acid. Chem. News, June 1 2, 1908, 288; from Compt. rend., 146 (1908), No. 19. BISMUTH. Bismuth Sub nitrate Presence of Ammonia in Commercial Samples and Test, ^J. Rutherford Hill, having observed a distinct evolution of ammonia in a powder mixture of bismuth subnitrate, sodium bicarbonate Doxycycline 100 Mg and morphine hydrochloride, tested a number of commercial samples of bismuth subnitrate, and found them also contaminated with ammonia (nitrate), although not to the same extent. Nevertheless, some of these samples would have passed muster if the odor had simply been depended on for its recognition as described in the U. S. P. Doxycycline 100 Mg test (the B. P. does not give a test), and he regards it desirable that a more stringent test than one depending on the odor should be adopted. By using i Gm. of subnitrate and 2.5 Cc. of a 50 per cent, solution of KOH (and boiling? Rep.) the evolution of ammonia was quite distinct, and gave a pronounced reaction with moistened red litmus paper (subjected to the vapor) with samples which would have passed muster with the U. S. P. test. The author sug- gests this more stringent test for inclusion in the B. P. Pharm. Journ., Febr. 22, 1908, 221. Light Bismuth Subnitrate Superiority over the Heavy Variety. Fol- lowing up the investigations of Mr. Hill (see preceding abstract), Edward. J. Brown has made a series of experiments with results which point out the comparative freedom of the light variety of bismuth subnitrate from am- monium salt. This is ascribed to the fact that in the manufacture of the light variety considerably more water is used in the precipitation than that given in the B. P., 1885, resulting also in a greater lessening of the action of the nitric acid, and consequently in the formation of a product of greater basicity. All investigators gave results conforming to the formula BijOjHNOs for this light variety, which should be adopted in the next edition of the B. P. in place of the heavy variety which corresponds to the formula BiONOjHaO now given. Pharm. Journ., Mar. 21, 1908, 378-379. 19 Digitized by Google 290 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. VANADIUM. Hypavanadic Acid Isomeric Hydrates, Hydrated hypovanadic add, V2O4.2H2O, is red, but loses its color when kept from contact with the moisture of the air, and becomes olive-green. According to Gustave Gain, this change is not due to hydration, Doxycycline 100 Mg as it takes place in the perfectly dry acid, and it seems probable that the two hydrates are isomeric modifi- cations. Doxycycline 100 Mg Moreover, the isomeric transformation persists in the salts which are obtained from the two forms. It is, however, possible to get to the same final state by adding to a solution of the sulphates the theoretical quantity of caustic potash necessary to saturate the sulphuric acid in the liquid. The liquid is then decolorized, potassium hypovanadate being formed, Doxycycline 100 Mg and it is no longer possible to distinguish between the two forms. Chem. News., April 10, 1908, 179 ; from Compt. rend.,7^<5 (1908), No. 8. CHROMIUM. Chromium Charcuieristic Reaction, F. H. Alcock observes that the newer method of separating iron, chromium and aluminum in qualitative analytical work, which depends on the precipitation of ferric iron by sodium hydroxide solution, and adding to the filtrate sodium peroxide, which transforms the chromium hydrate into chromic acid, affords a very characteristic qualitative test for chromium if the oxidation of the chromium is not carried to completion, and a little diluted acetic, nitric, hydrochloric, or sulphuric acid be added. Under these conditions
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